Alaska 2-1-1 Inclusion/Exclusion Policy

First, the agency or program must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide health and human service and serve Alaska residents.

If the initial criteria are met, the organization is eligible for include if it fits into one of the following categories:

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Government Entities
  • School Districts/Boards of education/Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals (for profit as well as nonprofit)
  • For profits that meet additional criteria:
    • Provides services for free or offer a sliding scale, subsidies or other coverage that would make their services accessible to someone of low income.
    • Provide a service not available in the nonprofit sector when it is determined essential by Alaska 2-1-1. Such services may include emergency alert equipment or summer camps.

An agency is excluded if:

  • Located outside the state of Alaska and duplicates a service by an organization within the state.
  • A for- profit home health care agency
  • A grade school, high school or early education provider. School districts and professional organizations that make referrals to providers are listed.
  • An individual practitioner or group of consulting practitioners. Community clinics and professional organizations that make referrals to practitioners are listed.
  • A nursing home, senior apartment assisted living or other long term care facility. Professional/State organizations that make referrals to these facilities are listed.
  • A service club that is a local branch of a national service club, even if the branch/chapter is its own nonprofit corporation, when the national service club is listed.
  • An auxiliary
  • An auxiliary
  • An organization that denies service based on color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry nationality, or any other basis not permitted by law and whose services are divisive or discriminatory
  • If the agency misrepresents it status or services

A site will be excluded if it is:

  • Not located in the state of Alaska
  • Only the location of a support group
  • The local branch or a service club that is listed nationally and does not provide direct service to the public

A service will be excluded if it is:

  • Individual agencies volunteer programs or volunteer recruitment effort of an agency (for volunteers for it organization)
  • A newsletter, magazine, speaker's bureau, or other service used only to promote the organization and its services
  • Outreach and Education
  • A devotional service
  • A society (except funeral societies and county, regional and state historical societies)
  • A special event of a specific organization

Alaska 2-1-1 reserves the right to prioritize and limit entry in the database. Factors such as staffing, funding, and agency participation affect the extent to which eligible agencies can be included. Inclusion does not imply endorsement and omission does not imply disapproval.

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